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NameIdentity Card NumberGenderBirthdayAgeAddress
洪宜J271741520female1986022233香賓街得月巷街339巷96號, 新竹縣北埔鄉, 712-16
祁建穎B190456869male1992021127赤崁東路二段372巷606弄709號, 臺中市石岡區, 825
湯廷W117235961male1995040824安樂四路二段698號43樓, 金門縣烏坵鄉, 086
賁貞靜T201478967female1977022342棒球三路351號57樓, 屏東縣里港鄉, 104
緱承J188805359male1984050734樹林六路599巷249弄793號13樓, 新竹縣竹北市, 496-36
須詩B127393551male1992091326桐竹街二段300號, 臺中市沙鹿區, 588-56
蕭威思V174410431male1994081825南園街147巷879弄935號, 臺東縣成功鎮, 609
安郁Q259140006female1985050233坤成街七段513號, 嘉義縣布袋鎮, 276-15
龐娟O290173672female1991010228文明一街三段945巷10號90樓, 新竹市東區, 818-01
蔡惠Z250171138female1975101843富漁五路52巷974弄737號4樓, 連江縣北竿鄉, 521-12
武君安F180651187male1996091122太平十九路971巷951號79樓, 新北市淡水區, 171
況軒信E103836721male1980122139重仁路七段241巷326號, 高雄市梓官區, 705-94
歐思C255697987female1988100630天玉街四段353巷118弄126號56樓, 基隆市安樂區, 191
吉美君U192271940male1994030625小坑路96巷514弄395號, 花蓮縣卓溪鄉, 642
郟珊婷J220104475female1977061642樹林六路802巷579號, 新竹縣北埔鄉, 408-70
趙偉承O162598943male1976070543五權西街211巷642號39樓, 新竹市香山區, 913-16
尤詩O172325729male1981052137頂橫路二段923號, 新竹市香山區, 072
瞿琬D257557601female1974032344三和路634巷866號17樓, 臺南市左鎮區, 449-63
終慧B265923386female1994092224錦田街一段311巷47號9樓, 臺中市中區, 365-99
沈佳E186011926male1970072849崇德十二路二段800號25樓, 高雄市茂林區, 730

What is TaiWan identity card number?

The National Identification Card of Taiwan is issued to ROC nationals who are 14 years or older and have household registration in the Taiwan area. It is compulsory at 14.

Every citizen has a unique ID number. A valid National Identification number consists of one letter and nine-digits. The initial letter depends on the place of one's first household registration. The first digit depends on gender; 1 for male, 2 for female. The last digit is a checksum.

Example:U193683453, B142610160

The letter usage is as follows:

Active Letters Letters no longer issued
Letter City/County
A Taipei City
B Taichung City
C Keelung City
D Tainan City
E Kaohsiung City
F New Taipei City
G Yilan County
H Taoyuan City
I Chiayi City
J Hsinchu County
K Miaoli County
Letter City/County
M Nantou County
N Changhua County
O Hsinchu City
P Yunlin County
Q Chiayi County
T Pingtung County
U Hualien County
V Taitung County
W Kinmen County
X Penghu County
Z Lienchiang County
Letter Original division Date of final issue Current division
L Taichung County Dec. 25, 2010 Taichung City
R Tainan County Dec. 25, 2010 Tainan City
S Kaohsiung County Dec. 25, 2010 Kaohsiung City
Y Yangmingshan Management Bureau 1975 Taipei City

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