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NameIdentity Card NumberGenderBirthdayAgeAddress
帥萍依X201820561female1987052933新北二街二段785巷125弄719號12樓, 澎湖縣七美鄉, 651-04
公羊豪俊C106594086male1973052647崇陽路七段271號, 基隆市中山區, 268
東郭佩詩X299382976female1972080748工業東六街937巷659弄313號7樓, 澎湖縣七美鄉, 409
南門貞雯A261861464female1976031344應化路一段558巷991弄178號53樓, 臺北市大安區, 199
支嘉X179804791male1971012549瀋陽路一段109號16樓, 澎湖縣白沙鄉, 834
藍宜C242946597female1996041224赤崁南路六段546號35樓, 基隆市中正區, 303-01
譙志心H113159841male1996051724布西路528巷19弄424號, 桃園縣新屋鄉, 908
皇甫美V210534587female1980111839竹社路二段300巷296號, 臺東縣海端鄉, 815
薄銘Q114687519male1990011030東碇路262巷451弄613號83樓, 嘉義縣竹崎鄉, 942
百里宜琬N227593160female1980022740大埔五路249號22樓, 彰化縣芳苑鄉, 523
居安U211544979female1994111026精誠三路六段185巷361號59樓, 花蓮縣萬榮鄉, 794-71
蒙惠M221993325female1978090641樹德街44巷497弄635號13樓, 南投縣信義鄉, 344-13
燕文雯E258699985female1988081532柯林七街三段646巷528弄903號55樓, 高雄市橋頭區, 120
和宇J166970026male1983091036昌文路81巷89弄352號75樓, 新竹縣湖口鄉, 073-33
黨馨G287928844female1975121945大源十九街二段987巷66號43樓, 宜蘭縣宜蘭市, 706
顏豪J193978690male1983061937青埔八路三段867巷742號49樓, 新竹縣橫山鄉, 745
軒轅偉傑O113238370male1979121641重立街七段177巷998號, 新竹市香山區, 330
緱萍萱K246276173female1993010827自強九街372號52樓, 苗栗縣頭屋鄉, 462
仉珊E273798185female1988120632大灣七街668巷192弄32號, 高雄市旗津區, 994-84
屠萍玲Q229482911female1982052038保榮路三段72巷604號46樓, 嘉義縣水上鄉, 238

What is TaiWan identity card number?

The National Identification Card of Taiwan is issued to ROC nationals who are 14 years or older and have household registration in the Taiwan area. It is compulsory at 14.

Every citizen has a unique ID number. A valid National Identification number consists of one letter and nine-digits. The initial letter depends on the place of one's first household registration. The first digit depends on gender; 1 for male, 2 for female. The last digit is a checksum.

Example:U193683453, B142610160

The letter usage is as follows:

Active Letters Letters no longer issued
Letter City/County
A Taipei City
B Taichung City
C Keelung City
D Tainan City
E Kaohsiung City
F New Taipei City
G Yilan County
H Taoyuan City
I Chiayi City
J Hsinchu County
K Miaoli County
Letter City/County
M Nantou County
N Changhua County
O Hsinchu City
P Yunlin County
Q Chiayi County
T Pingtung County
U Hualien County
V Taitung County
W Kinmen County
X Penghu County
Z Lienchiang County
Letter Original division Date of final issue Current division
L Taichung County Dec. 25, 2010 Taichung City
R Tainan County Dec. 25, 2010 Tainan City
S Kaohsiung County Dec. 25, 2010 Kaohsiung City
Y Yangmingshan Management Bureau 1975 Taipei City

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